Tara, Mag Stock Market Tayo!

It's now so much easier to invest in the stock market, because there are online video tutorials that will guide you. Napakadali na po! ??

Truly Rich Club Pinoy Success

The image below is a snapshot of the October 16, 2014 stocks table available to members of the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez.


In the table, Bo Sanchez recommends ten stocks. These represent companies which his stock market research team analyzed and determined to be companies with good long-term prospects. Please keep in mind, though, that they do not have ESP, nor do they possess a crystal ball that tells them exactly what will happen in the future.

All I do know is that when they're right, the returns are much higher than what we get from the bank.

You'll notice that out of the 10 rows of stocks, 6 are colored yellow (I colored those rows using a graphics program). Those are the stocks to BUY.

A few days ago, there were only 4, but since stock prices recently went down, there are now more affordable stocks worth buying.


Hi! I'm Manny Viloria, and I started following the Truly Rich Club stock market investing tips since 2012, and we saw a return of around 21 percent.

We also bought shares in a recommended company, but soon after Bo Sanchez instructed us to just sell the shares earlier than scheduled, because certain world events made his research group assess that the stock would not reach the Target Selling Price soon. We lost around around 100 pesos in the process.

The point I'm making is this: There is a RISK that you will lose money in the stock market. So please do NOT invest money meant for obligations such as Tuition, Rent, or your Food.

Madali Lang Po Mag Stock Market!

Step 1 - Apply for a COL Financial Account by filling up the Application Form and sending it to COL Financial. Please refer to https://trulyrichpinoy.com/146-how-to-fill-up-the-col-financial-application-forms/

Download the COL Financial Application Forms here:

Step 2 - Wait for your application to be approved.

Step 3 - Follow the instructions that COL Financial will email you, and deposit at least P5,000 to the BDO Account number found in the instructions of COL Financial. The BDO Account will contain your COL Financial Account Number.

Step 4 - Wait around 2 banking days, and verify that your deposit is reflected in your COL Financial account, when you login at http://colfinancial.com

Step 5 - Join the Truly Rich Club at http://trulyrichclubjoin.com-review.org and access the Stocks Table in the paid members' area.

Step 6 - Buy stocks online (watch this video)

NOTE: When it's time to sell the stocks (such as when the stock has reached the Target Selling Price), your Cash Balance in COL Financial will go up. Use that cash balance to buy other affordable stocks (those which are below the Buy Below Price), and then sell those stocks when they reach their Target Selling Price.

The goal is to keep buying affordable stocks monthly (at least P2,500 monthly just like the kasambahays of Bo Sanchez), and to sell the stocks at the right time. Eventually, we aim to earn more from the stock market than from just keeping our money in the bank.

IMPORTANT: I'm not asking you to stop keeping money in the bank. Please do keep a certain amount of money in your Savings/Checking account in your favorite bank. This will help assure you during times of emergencies when you'll need cash right away.

I heard that the kasambahays of Bro. Bo have been patiently investing in the stock market, and now they have around P300,000 invested. Amazing! If they can do it, then so can we. ??

(UPDATE: Some of the kasambahays of Bo Sanchez shared that their stock market portfolio is now at least P900,000. Small, regular, repeated actions all contribute to a huge result!)

By the way, I'll be sharing info with you via online seminars called Webinars or Facebook Live Videos.

If you want to receive the email announcement regarding your free Stock Market Investing webinars, please enter your Name and Email in the sign-up form near the top of this page.

To Your Success! ??

Kind regards,
Manny M. Viloria

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