What Time is the Philippine Stock Market Open?

A lot of our kababayans are asking: Anong oras bukas ang Philippine stock market? Here are the trading hours of the stock market...

Weekdays, from 9:30AM until 12 noon, then 1:00pm until 3:30pm

You may still log into your CitisecOnline or COL Financial account anytime, any day.

It's just that you will be able to buy and/or sell stocks only during the trading hours.

Sometimes, the price of a stock goes up a bit just before 12 noon. But I've seen cases where the stock price goes down slightly before noon.

But that's okay. Since we're long-term stock investors, it doesn't really matter what time we buy the stocks especially if we're watching the Buy Below Price, the Target Selling Price, thanks to the emailed Stocks Updates and Buy/Sell Alerts which Bo Sanchez sends to members of the Truly Rich Club.

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