COL Financial Claim Procedures

Here's how you (or your heirs) can withdraw part of all of your Cash Balance from your COL Financial account.

How Your Heirs Can Claim Your COLFinancial Account In Case Of Your Demise

In the unfortunate event of an account holder’s demise, the following are the documents to be submitted by the surviving spouse/heir:

1. Death Certificate

2. Either one of the following:

2a. If with testate or intestate proceedings, a court order appointing the executor/administrator and authorizing him to close the account and collect the proceeds;

2b. If without testate or intestate proceedings:

(i) If there is only 1 heir – Affidavit of Self-Adjudication
(ii) If there is more than 1 heir – Deed of Extra-judicial Settlement of Estate
(iii) In either (i) and (ii), submit also proof of filing of the Affidavit or Deed, as the case may be, with the office of the register of deeds

3. Release, waiver, and quitclaim, holding COL free and clear from any action, claim or liability brought by third parties in relation to the closing of the account and release of the proceeds thereof.

4. Proof of payment of estate tax or BIR Certification that the same is exempt from estate tax

5. Identification documents of surviving heirs (photocopy of 1 government issued ID, with picture and signature)

Surviving heirs may then open an account with COL Financial to transfer all stock and cash positions from the deceased client’s account to the surviving heirs’ account. Surviving heirs will have to submit identification documents and POB and accomplish account opening forms.

Here's a TIP: Open a JOINT OR account in COL Financial. Use "Your Name OR Your Spouse's Name"

That makes it simpler.

Please note that as long-term stock market investors, we do not make it a habit of withdrawing COL Financial funds often. We let the funds grow, and at the opportune time in the future, that's when we withdraw.

You can do this yourself using the COL Financial Withdrawal of Funds Form:


You may choose to go to the COL Financial office and pick up the cheque, or you may have COL Financial deposit the amount to your bank account (which you registered with COL).

Now that you know how to get your money from COL Financial, go and use the stock market information and info provided by the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez today!

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