How A Woman Ended Up With P22 Million

Friends are asking how a woman who invested P3,000 each month in the stock market starting at the age of 30, ended up with P22 million at the age of 60. In this video, we show you the computations using a basic table in MS Excel, plus the shortcut Future Value formula, that quickly gives you the final amount you'll end up with, assuming you invest a fixed amount each month for a certain number of months, and assuming a certain rate of return from the stock market.

Please note, however, that you can make little or zero money from the stock market. Plus, there's also a risk that you'll lose money if the stock prices are low and you're forced by circumstances to sell your stocks at a price lower than that which you bought them.

While stock market prices go up and down regularly, some analysts believe that the overall long-term trend of stock prices of solid companies is upward. Some stock market mentors would aim for an average of 12% return on interest, while others would go for 15%.

Based on our experience, we've seen mutual funds (equity - stock market) grow as low as 3%, and yet others which grew at 18%.

There's a step-by-step guide here for you who are interested in long-term stock market investing:

The above guide helps you understand what you need to do before you invest in the stock market.

Kind regards,
Manny M. Viloria

Truly Rich Club Fan Manny Viloria Explains The P22 Million Computation

OFWs and TIN

OFWs are asking about the TIN requirement of COL Financial. Here's a quick guide for you, so that you can get started and apply for your COL Financial account and start buying and selling stocks online.

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COL Financial Trading Fees and Handling Charges

Truly Rich Club friends have been asking about the trading fees and handling charges in COL Financial, plus some sample computations.

Here's the info available online:

The following lists the corresponding charges for buying and selling transactions:


Commission .25% Of the Gross Trade Amount
Value Add Tax (VAT) 12% Of Commission
Philippine Stock Exchange Transaction Fee (PSE Trans Fee) .005% Of the Gross Trade Amount
Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines Fee (SCCP) .01% Of Gross Trade Amount
Sales Tax No. of Shares x Price x .005

* Note: The Commission fee has a minimum charge of P20.00 per transaction. And if you require a broker-assisted trade, the commission charge is .5% of the Gross Trade Amount.


Buying - Total fees for buying 20,000 shares of ALI at Php5.00/share

Commission (20,000 x P5.00) x .25% P250.00
VAT P250 x 12% P30.00
PSE Trans Fee (20,000 x P5.00) x .005% P5.00
SCCP (20,000 x P5.00) x .01% P10.00
Total P295.00

Selling - Total fees for selling 20,000 shares of ALI at Php5.20/share

Commission (20,000 x P5.20) x .25% P260.00
VAT P260 x 12% P31.20
PSE Trans Fee (20,000 x P5.20) x .005% P5.20
SCCP (20,000 x P5.20) x .01% P10.40
Sales Tax 20,000 x P5.20 x .005 P520
Total P826.80

Each computed charge listed above are rounded to hundredths (2 decimal places) using Symmetric Arithmetic Rounding*
for the calculation of the total fees.


3.044 rounded to hundredths is 3.04 (because the next digit, 4, is less than 5).
3.046 rounded to hundredths is 3.05 (because the next digit, 6, is 5 or more).
3.045 rounded to hundredths is 3.05 (because the next digit, 5, is 5 or more).


COL Financial Handling Charges

1. Lodgement fee (Depositing a Stock Certificate) - A Lodging fee of Php120 + VAT per stock will be charged with an additional Php20 + VAT per certificate of the same stock after the first certificate.

2. Electronic Share Transfer (Broker to Broker) - Electronic transfer can take one or two days and would entail a cost to the customer of Php75.00/per stock from the issuing broker and the receiving broker.

3. Upliftment fee (Request a Certificate) - Requesting a certificate would entail an Uplifting charge of Php150+VAT per stock, and could take up to a month to generate a new certificate.

COL Financial Claim Procedures

Here's how you (or your heirs) can withdraw part of all of your Cash Balance from your COL Financial account.

How Your Heirs Can Claim Your COLFinancial Account In Case Of Your Demise

In the unfortunate event of an account holder’s demise, the following are the documents to be submitted by the surviving spouse/heir:

1. Death Certificate

2. Either one of the following:

2a. If with testate or intestate proceedings, a court order appointing the executor/administrator and authorizing him to close the account and collect the proceeds;

2b. If without testate or intestate proceedings:

(i) If there is only 1 heir – Affidavit of Self-Adjudication
(ii) If there is more than 1 heir – Deed of Extra-judicial Settlement of Estate
(iii) In either (i) and (ii), submit also proof of filing of the Affidavit or Deed, as the case may be, with the office of the register of deeds

3. Release, waiver, and quitclaim, holding COL free and clear from any action, claim or liability brought by third parties in relation to the closing of the account and release of the proceeds thereof.

4. Proof of payment of estate tax or BIR Certification that the same is exempt from estate tax

5. Identification documents of surviving heirs (photocopy of 1 government issued ID, with picture and signature)

Surviving heirs may then open an account with COL Financial to transfer all stock and cash positions from the deceased client’s account to the surviving heirs’ account. Surviving heirs will have to submit identification documents and POB and accomplish account opening forms.

Here's a TIP: Open a JOINT OR account in COL Financial. Use "Your Name OR Your Spouse's Name"

That makes it simpler.

Please note that as long-term stock market investors, we do not make it a habit of withdrawing COL Financial funds often. We let the funds grow, and at the opportune time in the future, that's when we withdraw.

You can do this yourself using the COL Financial Withdrawal of Funds Form:


You may choose to go to the COL Financial office and pick up the cheque, or you may have COL Financial deposit the amount to your bank account (which you registered with COL).

Now that you know how to get your money from COL Financial, go and use the stock market information and info provided by the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez today!

Kind regards,
Manny M. Viloria

Bo Sanchez Stocks Update – Meralco Sell Alert – May 2, 2013

Last May 2, 2013 Bo Sanchez emailed the Truly Rich Club members and advised us to sell our Meralco (MER) shares once the stock price reaches P380.

So I logged into the COL Financial (CitisecOnline) website that evening, and saw that MER's stock price was P377. Fortunately, I did not have to constantly watch the stock market the following day just to wait for the P380 stock price.

There's an automatic way to do it...

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How To Fill Up the COL Financial Application Forms

Here's how to easily fill up the Citiseconline or COL Financial Financial Application Forms...

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How OFWs Can Invest in the Stock Market

It's easy for OFWs to invest in the Philippine stock market, even if you're outside the Philippines. You don't need to wait until you fly back home, because you can start right now. Here's how...

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