OFWs and TIN

OFWs are asking about the TIN requirement of COL Financial. Here's a quick guide for you, so that you can get started and apply for your COL Financial account and start buying and selling stocks online.

All COL Financial applicants must have a Philippine Tax Identification Number (TIN) before their COL application can be approved.

COL Financial has consulted with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on how to retrieve or apply for a TIN. Below are the following guidelines:


Contact the BIR to retrieve your TIN

BIR Contact Center: +63(2) 981-8888
Email: contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph

They will ask security questions before they release your TIN.


For employed and self-employed individuals kindly refer to this webpage for your TIN application:
BIR Application Guidelines

For students, homemakers, retirees, foreign citizens and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) kindly refer to the forms and complete requirements on this webpage:
TIN Application Guidelines

NOTE: If the BIR officer requests for a certification that you are opening an account with COL Financial, kindly contact the COL Financial Hotline at 6-515-888 or email helpdesk@colfinancial.com so that they can provide you a certification.

What's the difference between COL Financial and the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez?

COL Financial is an online stock broker that helps you buy and sell stocks online.

The Truly Rich Club provides members with a Spiritual Mindset that helps you adopt a more positive view of money and finances, plus it also updates each day a Table of Stock Recommendations where you can quickly see which stocks they recommend to Buy, at what price, and which stocks they recommend to Sell, and at what price.

TRC also emails its active members "Sell Alerts", which means you don't have to look at the Table of Stocks or monitor the stock prices everyday.

When the "Sell ALert" enters your Inbox (and your smartphone), that's the time to review the TRC website, and log into the COL Financial website so that you can place your "Sell Order" during trading hours (9am to 3:30pm, Mondays to Fridays), or during Off-Hours (such as in the evening).

The "Sell Alert" can come in anytime every 4 to 24 months, or even 60 months. This is in line with the Long-Term Stock Market Investing approach.

Every month, we buy P____.00 worth of stocks, depending our monthly budget for stocks. That means that every month, for about 15 minutes, we review the Table of Stocks in the TRC website (members' login), and then log into the COL Financial site to buy Pxxxx.xx worth of stocks.

So please get your TIN and other documents in order, so that you can apply for a COL Financial account and get started investing in the stock market.

It's so much easier now!

If you have questions, please message us at:


Have fun learning about the stock market and how more and more Pinoys are preparing for a brighter tomorrow!

Manny M. Viloria