Stock Market Investing

There's a huge difference between stock trading and stock investing. To save your sanity, let's focus on stock investing...

When people buy a lot of shares of stocks one day, and then sell those shares after a week because they want to take advantage of a temporary surge in stock prices, they're engaged in stock trading.

On the other hand, when people buy a few shares of stock each month, and aim to sell those shares when a certain Target Selling Price is reached (which could happen in a year or even 10 years), those people are doing Stock Investing.

Yes, stock investing is less stressful. It's much more relaxing to just consistently buy a few hundred or a few thousand shares of a certain stock each month, and not worry about the inevitable fluctuations in the stock price.

After all, we are looking at the long-term picture.

So the question is: What stocks do we buy or sell, and when?

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