No Proof of Billing Address

What if you want to use an online stock broker, but one of the requirements is a Statement of Account or Proof of Billing Address? Here's one option...

If you check the "Account Opening" FAQ of First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation (, you'll find the following:

On the homepage, click on "Open Account". This will take you through a step-by-step process for your account opening. First, please completely fill up the necessary information on the account opening forms. You will then be prompted to print the forms, furnish your signatures and attach photocopies of two (2) valid government-issued ID's. Kindly personally bring the completed forms and required documents to First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation (FMSBC) at the addresses below. Alternatively, you can send the form to FMSBC (Pouch Code: 90033) through your Metrobank branch of account.

If you look through that webpage of requirements, you won't find a need to submit a Proof of Billing Address.

Please note, though, that we haven't tried First Metro Securities (FirstMetroSec) yet.

So far, we've tried only CitisecOnline or COL Financial, but they require a Proof of Billing Address.